Rebels and Heroes

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New Series

Somewhere between the land of repose and the blistering dawn lies a space for dreams to whisper honeyed visions to a slumbering mind. Silent images scream to be heard. This is their declamation.

Pretty Little Pests

  Pretty Little Prayers. Oil on canvas. 15x30in. 2014 Busy Bee. Oil on wood panel. 12x12in. 2013   Pretty Little Pest I. Oil on wood panel. 12x16in. 2013

An Ode to My Chuck Taylors

Hobo Junkie Gypsy urine covers your soles I bought you in the time when you were no longer made in America I still loved you. We ran and slipped on ice We went to Europe and Mexico We had boyfriend and lover and husband We moved to Canada You look like a dog that needs…

Old and new faces

Cleaning out the studio and I found these two little gems from around 2005. I think. Reef first draft Another girl Rachel

Noise Project Challenge #1

This is my first response to an online project.  You can read more about it at