A Whisper Oil on canvas 12x12" 2016
A Whisper
Oil on canvas
Dreamscape I: The Message Oil on canvas 30x40" 2016
Dreamscape I: The Message
Oil on canvas

Boris. 2011

Boris.2011. Oil on canvas. 36 x 36″

Loki web

Loki.2015. Oil on wood

Ladies that Lunch

Ladies Who Lunch.2013. Oil on wood

busy bee

Busy Bee. 2013. Oil on Panel. 12×12″

pestPretty Little Pest I. 2013.Oil on panel. 12×16″

pretty prayer

Pretty Little Prayers.?2013. Oil on canvas


Masked.2014. Oil on canvas

Chucks. 2013. Oil on canvas. web

Chucks. 2013.Oil on canvas


Curled up.2014. Oil on canvas

Reef first draft

Reef. 2013.Oil on Canvas


Rachel. 2013. Oil on canvas


Warmth.2013. Oil on Canvas

Porcine. 2012

Porcine. 2012. Oil on canvas

Gallus Domesticus. 2012

Gallus Domesticus. 2012. Oil on canvas

bovine web

Bovine.2012. Oil on canvas

Jake and Babs. 2011

Jake and Babs. 2011. Oil on canvas

Still Life. 2012

Lavender. 2012. Oil on canvas

Bout to Drown the Kids. 2006

‘Bout to Drown the Kids. 2006. Oil on wood

Gary 2011

Gary. 2011. Oil on canvas diptych

Carnies. 2007

Carnies. 2007. Oil on canvas

Tanya. 2008

Tanya. 2008. Oil on canva

Jude, 1:15, Ikea Sofa. 2009

Jude, 1:15, Ikea Sofa. 2009. Oil on wood

Ruth 3:14 Kitchen Floor. 2009

Ruth 3:14 Kitchen Floor. 2009. Oil on wood

Matthew, 5:28, Rental Van. 2009

Matthew, 5:28, Rental Van. 2009. Oil on wood

Envy. 2009

Envy. 2009. Oil on wood

Green Fruit. 2009

Green Fruit. 2009. Oil on wood

Cousin Chris. 2011

Cousin Chris. 2011. Oil on canvas

memento mori web

Memento Mori.2008. Oil on wood panel

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