Graphite on paper. 14"x 17." 2012

Past Lives II.2013.Graphite on paper

Bos Taurus. Graphite on paper. 14x17in. 2014

Bos Taurus. Graphite on paper. 14x17in. 2014

Past Lives I

Past Lives I.2013. Graphite on paper

Past lives iii web

Past lives III.2013.Graphite on paper

American girl. 2012

American girl. 2012. Graphite on paper


Masks. 2006. Graphite on paper

Mi Madre. 2012

Mi Madre.2010 Charcoal on paper


Barred Owl.2012. Graphite on paper

bound and hanged

Bound and Hanged.2007. Graphite on paper

Picture 755

Puppet.2006. Graphite on paper

Picture 2248

Not My Dog.2010.Charcoal on paper

Picture 784

Dreamscapes.2007.Graphite on paper

dreamscapeDreamscapes Cont.2013.Graphite on paper

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