Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that encourages self-expression and exploration through the arts. It can be used as a healing tool, a method of self-discovery, or as a form of self-care.


Individual Sessions
Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are fifty minutes in length and take place in the art studio in my home. A free fifteen-minute telephone conversation is welcomed to determine if art therapy is the best approach for your situation. If not, I will assist you in finding the help you need. You are not alone and help is available from many different resources.
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Sessions may be covered by your private insurance provider.
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Group Art Therapy
Group Art Therapy

Art therapy groups for four or more people are created and designed for the specific group served. Group work is a great way to foster community, form interpersonal connections, and enhance individual strengths.
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All my workshops are aimed to engage, inspire, and motivate participants.
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Happiness in the workplace
Team building and Stress reduction

Certified in The Foundations of Happiness in the Workplace, from UC, Berkeley, I can help your team by offering stress reduction tools and team building activities.
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