Being an amateur is one of the purest forms of art for it is not for monetary gain. Writing bad poetry, good poetry, funny poetry can create a melodic perspective from which to view the world. To view the world through a poet’s eyes is a great gift. A gift that is accessible to all who dare to write.


Watercolours flow with an ease and vibrance. Watercolours invite the creator to let go of control, allow for play, inquiry, and expression.


Oil paint is rich and thick. It demands patience and repetition. The slow layering of colours builds to a beautifully complex crescendo. Oil paint teaches diligence, patience, and persistance. Oils invite passion and curiousity


Reflective writing allows us to deeply examine our stories through cognitve and creative processes. Writing opens once shuttered windows and allows new perspectives to become illuminated. Writing invites reflection, reasoning, problem-solving, planning, and expressive release.


The cathartic expression that swells with the ripping of paper, the texture of glue, the intuitive combining of images; this is collage. Collage invites focus, flow, and control.


Tension, stress, trauma, can all be stored in our bodies. Movement and breathing pracitces can release and restore our bodies to good physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health.

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