Creative, Curious, and Connected

Annie is a passionate creator. Her creative process is fearless and process-focused. The final product is never the purpose of the creativity, just a mere reminder of the process. A means upon which to reflect, question, find care, create hope, and perhaps even share.

Annie’s career has been steeped in therapeutic and creative work with children, adults, and older adults. Annie has facilitated groups for over ten years and loves the energy that is produced in a group dynamic. Her love of humans and humanity fuels both her personal and professional projects.



Compassion, Care, and Play

Annie is primarily an art therapist and highly values the creative process as a tool for healing and growth. Outside of art therapy, Annie has professional training in several modes of therapy, and can provide the following therapeutic approaches as requested

Play therapy
Executive functioning improvement
Sand tray therapy-informed
Internal Family Systems-informed

Annie works through a trauma-informed, social justice lens with an awareness of systemic oppression (e.g. racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, aporophobia, homophobia, transphobia) and how oppression can contribute to symptoms of anxiety, depression, stored trauma, and substance use issues. All people are welcome and supported based on their individual needs.



Then, Now, Soon

Annie had the opportunity and great honour to work alongside LGBTQI2S+ youth through the Friends of Ruby (previously Egale YouthOutreach) organization. Together the youth created intimate artwork that reflected their lives, struggles, hopes, and resiliency. Their work has been compiled for others to witness, share, and hold their stories. Click the link to peruse Lavender Springs at your leisure.

Lavender Springs

Art CV

Starting October 26, 2023, Annie will be facilitating a one-hour, online,  art and psychodynamic therapy group for all adults who wish to join.

Coping with Anxiety

Please click the link below to register. Once registered you will receive a confirmation and Zoom link. Hope to see you there!



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