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A space to connect

We are living in a world of disconnection, touch deprivation, and isolation. We are also living fast-paced lives, running towards our goals, our children’s goals, or the goals of bosses, parents, or partners.


Pressure to perform, please, care, complete, grow, change, be better.

Too much pressure.

ART ON SUNDAYS is a space to slow down, connect with yourself, and perhaps connect with others. This is a space for inspiration, growth, and support.

ART ON SUNDAYS offers meditation, mindful practices, loving-kindness care, and creativity

ART ON SUNDAYS never seeks to make “good art.” Art is a language, fluid, messy, clean…whatever needs to be expressed. Here you will learn to express the voice of the mind, body, and soul (or whatever you call that soft, never-changing part of yourself) through creative practices

ART ON SUNDAYS does not focus on the individual but on the group and the process of creating and developing practices of self-care through a creative lens. ALL adults are welcome and ALL bodies, minds, and voices are safe and accepted in this space. I hope to meet you there.

Who what where and when

All adults over 18, group art therapy sessions, weekly zoom meetings at 11:00 am on Sundays.

Please click the link below to register for this group. Upon completion of the registration form and payment, you will receive confirmation and a Zoom link. I look forward to seeing you there!




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