Annie Liston Walters, DTATI, RP is a Professional Art Therapist and Registered Psychotherapist working in Toronto.

As the mind and body are all part of a whole system, Annie focuses on body-based and somatic therapies that aim to support and improve whole system functioning. Sessions may include talking, art-making, meditative practices, or self-exploration through a lens of openness and curiosity. Annie strongly believes in the strength and resilience of all beings and works to empower clients based on their inherent abilities.

Annie specializes in working with children, youth, women, and families who may be in need of extra support.

Annie has done substantial work with groups and individuals:

-on the Autism spectrum
-with developmental/cognitive/physical impairments
-with bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder,
and mood disorders
-survivors of trauma

Annie has also has worked extensively with older adults with dementia: improving quality of life, encouraging full brain use, and exercising hand-eye coordination.

Annie has facilitated art therapy groups for a diverse array of individuals and is available for art therapy group facilitation for all ages and abilities.

Annie works through a trauma-informed, social justice lens with an awareness of systemic oppression (e.g. racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia) and how oppression can contribute to symptoms of anxiety, depression, stored trauma, and substance use issues. All people are welcome and supported based on their individual needs

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