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A little help when your feeling stuck

The first step
Get a small container It can be glass, wood, metal, or anything you can decorate and fill
Step two
Decorate! You can use embroidery thread, or any thick thread (even yarn!) to wrap around a glass jar. At the bottom of the jar, you will need to glue a piece of felt, slightly larger than the base of the jar.

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Step three
Write down coping skills that will work for YOU!!Maybe you do burpees to relieve stress, or scribble. Perhaps you could step outside and take three deep breaths while you notice the environment around you. The important thing is that it works for you.

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Step four
Fill your jar with the coping skills. Place the jar somewhere accessible and grab it in a time of need!!

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Safe Space Terrarium


Creating a terrarium is a simple activity that can be done at home with a few basic materials

  1. A glass container (you can find one at Value Village, a thrift store, or even a large old jar will work)
  2. Potting soil
  3. Pebbles, small rocks, and smooth rocks for decorating
  4. Moss
  5. Succulents or small, hardy plants
  6. Sharpies or permanent marker to decorate your rocks

How to


  1. Layer pebbles at the bottom
  2. Add soil
  3. Create an area (a small hole) in the soil to place your succulent or other hardy plants
  4. Add a bit more soil if necessary to cover the roots of your plant
  5. Add moss and decorative rocks
Taping the edges before painting creates clean lines adding a professional touch to your creations. While we love the look of a clean line, the most important part about making art is the process. Have fun and lean into whatever joy arises while you paint!! Happy creating!!

From where does our fear of creativity arise? A blank canvas can stare back at us like our most vicious opponents. Let us stare back, with curiosity. Let go of the need to create beauty. Allow mistakes to be made. Allow your hands to be free as they were when they were young. A blank page is not a threat to a four-year-old, it is an opportunity. Give yourself permission to be young at heart, and to play. Through play, there is joy.

Exercise: Playful Drawing to Music

Materials: Paper, music, and a drawing tool

Put on music. Whatever music feels right for this moment. Place a drawing tool on the paper and allow your hand to flow with the rhythm of the music. Try not to plan, or think, but to feel. Feel the music guide your hand. Feel the paper under your skin. Feel the air around you. Notice the lines that flow from your pen. Feel the freedom of that flow. Let go of expectations or judgments. Allow yourself to sink into the process.

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