Grounding exercise


Safe Space Terrarium


Creating a terrarium is a simple activity that can be done at home with a few basic materials

  1. A glass container (you can find one at Value Village, a thrift store, or even a large old jar will work)
  2. Potting soil
  3. Pebbles, small rocks, and smooth rocks for decorating
  4. Moss
  5. Succulents or small, hardy plants
  6. Sharpies or permanent marker to decorate your rocks

How to


  1. Layer pebbles at the bottom
  2. Add soil
  3. Create an area (a small hole) in the soil to place your succulent or other hardy plants
  4. Add a bit more soil if necessary to cover the roots of your plant
  5. Add moss and decorative rocks

Grounding is a return to the present. Throughout the day, our minds can race, dragging us back to the past, or forecasting the unknown future. We can settle our minds by connecting to our bodies and embracing the space which surrounds us.

The fastest way to settle your mind is to connect with your body. To do that, I am going to invite you to take a pause. Inhale and exhale. Again, inhale and exhale. On your next inhale place one palm on top of the other and exhale. Begin to notice your hands, without judgment. Your hands are not old, or messy, or fat or thin. They are just hands. Notice the soft parts of your fingertips, feel the strength of the bones within. Notice the temperature of your hands and the air which surrounds them. As your mind settles with each breath, begin to notice your arms up to your shoulders and down your back. Notice any tension. Stretch or breath to remove and settle that tension. Continue to breathe as you move your awareness down your back, through your legs, and settle at your feet. Feel the ground below you. Holding you, supporting you. Take a final deep, cleansing breath and return to your day.

Breathing is something that is both autonomic and controllable. Our breath can help to stabilize our nervous system, either slowing down (anxiety, racing thoughts) or energizing (numbness, fatigue) our bodies.


To Energize
You are probably sitting down as you read this. Begin to notice your awareness. Are you focusing on these words? Is your mind wandering? Take a moment and shift that awareness towards your breath. As you breathe, lengthen and straighten your spine. Feel the length of your spine from the base of your head down to your tailbone. Notice your weight in the chair. Breath and elongate your spine, stretching your arms overhead. Inhale as you stretch and exhale as you lower your arms. Keep breathing and stretching, breathing into the stretch. Visualize the air invigorating your soul as you inhale and exhale all the stress, fatigue, weariness. Continue for a few breaths. Gently hug yourself and end with a moment of positive self-talk (“I’ve got this,” “I am okay.” ” I am awesome.”)
Take a pause and return to the moment. Stretch out any muscles that are asking for your attention.
Enjoy the rest of the day
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