Let’s Take a pause


You do it automatically. Your brain pulls in and expresses air without effort. But this breath is not wild. It works with our nervous system to protect and support our bodies throughout the day. We can also control it.

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It can be so easy to get lost in our day. Mind racing to the next thing, or we are stuck on the last thing (What was that look? Did I sound okay? What was I thinking?). Right now. Right here. This is your life. When we find ourselves in our heads, thoughts racing, anxiety and stress building, we can take an opportunity to ground and reconnect with the moment. Come back to our senses, our bodies, and settled minds so that we can exist in this moment in peace.

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You’ve been stuck in a chair for a large portion of your day. Or perhaps you feel drained and unmotivated. A little movement can go a long way. Step into your body for some gentle stretching or a little expression of suppressed stress being stored in your body.

Yoga with Adrienne


Creativity is inherent human behaviour. We create lists, meals, art, music, movements. We create outfits and hairstyles. Creativity is not limited to artistic creation. It is gardening, cooking, knitting, organizing, planning. We are creating constantly. What is your creative outlet? Do you like to arrange flowers, build bicycles, or create meals? Maybe you like taxidermy, or wrapping crystals? All outlets are valid. Take time to create because being creative makes people happier.


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